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    Rolser range of shopping trolleys

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The Shopping Trolley Reimagined

Introducing a smarter way to shop in tune with your busy lifestyle.

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Design, function that’s totally you

Bring back the versatility, convenience and simplicity of the past with a shopping trolley that’s as individualistic as you. Lightweight, easy to handle and practical—designed to blend function with the needs of modern living.


Handle big grocery shops with ease.

Revisit the way you shop with an easy-rolling trolley that’s big enough for extensive shopping trips or a trip to the local grocery store. Foldable and easily transportable, we’ve made shopping easy—that’s why it’s the trolley of choice for active lifestyles.

Our award-winning European design.

With four award-winning trolley styles to choose from, you can leave your car at home. We invite you to explore as each style in the Rolser range has something unique to offer. Take your time—we are confident you will find the right shopping companion with the capacity, style and colour that matches your individuality.

Rolser—a shopping companion with benefits

  • Ample room for big shops
  • Compact and easy to stow
  • No more one-use plastic bags
  • Roll from the grocery store to your door.


  • My Rolser trolleys are light and durable, and they are strong. Hold six bottles of wine, no troubles! What I really love about them , practicality aside, is that they are fun. The patterns are bright and sunny, or smart and elegant, if that is your taste. I live between Sydney and Melbourne and I have one in each home.

    Sue H.

  • We absolutely love our Wizzbang Rolser shopping trolley.  It is so lightweight, folds easily into the car and has been a godsend for moving multiple heavy grocery bags from our car in the garage and up to our unit.  The fact that it is also chic and of superb European quality is a bonus!  Highly recommend them to all my friends.

    Glenda R.

  • For my birthday, I was given a Rolser trolley from Whizzbang Trolleys. It was the best present I could have ever received. I no longer have to carry heavy shopping bags and can now pull my trolley along without having aching arms and a sore back after shopping.


  • G’day. Thank you to Anne, the lovely lady at Whizzbang Trolleys – couldn’t do enough for us when we purchased a stylish Pak logic folding trolley for our niece. They just moved into a very small place in the inner city and have a new baby. Walking distance to great shops and markets so the sturdy folding trolley is just the answer because they don’t have much room, it will get plenty of use by this busy young couple. Appreciate all your help, thanks. A very happy customer.


  • I was delighted to receive a Rolser Whizzbang Trolley as a birthday gift.

    My trolley is wonderful and is used nearly everyday. Shopping, moving items from my car in the basement to the 6th floor apartment and taking my quilt to the cleaner. The grandchildren love it as we take towels etc and picnic food to the park and pool



Rolser are the most stylish trolleys in the market today. Rolser thinks green, this environmentally friendly product reduces plastic waste. The car can have a rest as you walk to the shopping centre. Some of our customers use their trolley to unpack the car and load up for the trip upstairs to the apartment.

Made in Spain, Rolser creates beautiful designs and colours which appeal to all age groups. We can brighten up a chore with orange, purple or lime. The choice is endless.

Don’t forget with your next wine & cheese tasting – take your Rolser.

  • Rolser thinks of everything to make your shopping experience easier. Shower proof fabric which is easy to wipe clean and the bag can be removed to facilitate heavier cleaning.
  • Lots of zip pockets for keys, phone and wallet with easy access at the checkout.
  • Hang your pack logic model on the frame of the supermarket trolley and button click open to full size at the counter.
  • Rolser stores so easily in your car and cupboard. Rolser trolleys will last many years with care.

One size bag to make all shopping easy. Bag is lightweight as is the frame so just fill your trolley to your needs. Don’t forget you have a perfect product to use for picnics and the beach.

Pack Logic models fold in half to make storage and carrying very easy. This model also has a handle built in. Click open and shut. Grocery Shopping is a breeze with big Rolser wheels rolling over kerbs.

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